Small Scale Oil Press

Undoubtedly, the future is headed for biodiesel fuel and farmers should gear their thoughts towards that. Depending on your specific requirements, orders may come differently. Small oil press is one such machine that extracts oil from different oil material sources. Cage and cylinder formats of extracting oil are two common means of doing it. Your system’s rate of production is determined by your ultimate goals. Single cylinder portable press is ideal for small scale farmers whose daily production capacity does not exceed 4 tons. The operation of single cylinder machine is fairly easy. Once dismantled, re-assembling is also easy compared to cage type of machine.

Another good attribute about single cylinder machine is that input chamber is adjustable and thus capable of accommodating different quantity intake or multiple feeds. Besides, it is easy to perform service maintenance in case of clogging. Due to its relatively smaller press head, small oil press machine is not recommended for large industrial handling for it may not withstand intense pressure involved. It may not be able to handle high volume that yields immense outputs. Before you proceed to purchase your own, be sure to evaluate the size of the oil press before committing yourself. It is also advisable to weigh the benefits of purchasing an oil press against your profit expectations.

Cage type of small press machine is mostly preferred for large scale processing. Common among its application is the production of vegetable oil fuel as well as biodiesel. In spite of their large capacity handling, cage type of oil press machines are less pricy. It suffices to note that cage press machines can handle up to ten tons of raw material per machine. They do however require constant maintenance and close supervision in order to sustain continual operation. Regardless of which style of small oil press machine you opt for, you are sure to get the oils you so desire including nutrient-rich animal feeds.