Advanced Oil Press Expeller

coconutExpeller-pressed oil is primarily obtained mechanically. Popular application of this type of oil press machine is in coconut oil extraction. The method is more of traditional and has been in existence for many years. The method does not involve use of chemicals or any kind of solvents. The system does extract only ¾ of oil content from the raw materials. oil press expellerThe left-over, which is usually rich in nutrients are given to the nearby community or fed to animals. Oil obtained from such a process is normally undertaken by reputable firms. They do ensure that the products they avail to the nearby community are fit for human consumption.

Seed Oil Press entails steam treatment of raw materials and pressing to obtain clean off-taste oil from dried raw materials. Steaming of raw materials does not however degrade the good health properties in the extracted oil. The final oil product is heat resistant and thus suitable for frying foodstuffs.