Oil Press Equipment South Africa

Biodiesel has great benefits for the future of South Africa as it will be able to strengthen the country’s economy as well as create job opportunities for many. Oil Press Machine can be utilized in making biodiesel which is an ideal fuel in the transportation industry. This is because everything that surrounds the people involves transportation using diesel.

Using biodiesel in place of conventional diesel reduces emissions of carbon monoxide and particulates by more than 40%, hydrocarbons by more than 60%. It also reduces chances of toxic substances that are present in diesel exhaust that may cause cancer. In addition to that, there is few health risks associated with storage and handling of biodiesel. The diesel has been proven to be 100 biodegradable in case of spillage.
small oil pressing equipment in South Africa

The oil press equipment South Africa is suitable for various raw materials such as cotton seeds, peanuts, palm seeds, soybeans, copra, sesame seeds, canola seeds, tea seeds, jatropha seeds, rapeseeds and sunflower seeds. It is suitable small scale oil production plant. It is also very easy to use. Repairing the machine is not a hard task. The oil press has a sophisticated design and great performance. This is what makes it to be highly valued all over the world apart from South Africa. Most manufacturers and suppliers also supply spare parts of the machine. This is really impressive because you will not have to hassle for the spare parts