The Process of Oil Extraction by Oil Press Worm Screw

Oil press worm screw is mainly used in separating oil from various materials through the pressing power provided by the machine.  It mainly entails a press cage, shift gears box, feeder, press screw as well as machine frame. oil press worm screwThese are considered to be the 5 main parts of this oil press. In simple terms, it is clear to say that this oil press is a crude oil processing machine.

During the processing of crude oil, the main material is pushed through the oil press worm screw chamber which entails a worm shaft and a bar cage that is round in shape. The worm shaft is simply a shaft that entails collars and worms. On each worm, there is both a thread pitch and depth. The materials that are fed in the oil press are pushed along the worms and the gradual increase of pressure helps in ensuring that the oil has completely been extracted.

The oil press has gaskets that are situated between the round cage bars. They play a major role as they simply help the oil to flow out from the oil press.  Once the oil has been collected, you are free to separate it from foreign particles that may facilitate to it burning. From there you can take the oil to be refined or simply use it that way for cooking.