How to make a home oil press

The production of oil does not have to be done in an oil milling plant especially if the amount is minimal or the person going to use it does not want the extraction to be done using solvents or even pressure. When oil from a variety of seeds is extracted using solvents there may be some residue of the chemicals left in the oil which may be harmful to the health of those consuming it. It is for this reason that some people resort to making their own oil using a home oil press. This simple machine is used to produce oil from a variety of seeds through pressing them in ram or screw presses.
home oil pressmini home oil press machine
To be able to make homemade oil requires an oil press that can easily be constructed in the comfort of the home. The materials that are needed can be found locally from stores that auto parts and other stores as well. Some of the materials needed include metal cylinder, piston and a floor jack that weighs three tons. The bottom of the metal cylinder at the bottom is closed off using the piston, while the floor jack provides the pressure needed for the extraction of the oil from seeds.

For oil to be pressed from the ground seeds using the home oil press, they are placed in the metal cylinder which has holes drilled onto it at the bottom. The piston is then placed into the cylinder with a pipe welded onto it so that it fits into its centre with two other pipes fixed onto it for contraption and for the oil to flow through as well.  Finally, the floor jack is placed on the cylinder and then pumped using the hand so that the pressure produced pushes oil out the holes.

General features of an edible oil filling machine

Edible oil processing is mostly done at a refinery plant that eventually packs the oil that has been refined for sale. The process of edible oil production is quite extensive and begins from the preparation of seeds to the last step where the crude oil is refined. To be able to package edible oils properly, many oil milling plants have invested in an edible oil filling machine. The machine which is manufactured by a number of companies is essential in ensuring that the filling is done up to standard and there is no wastage through spillage.

edible oil filling machine The edible oil filling machines that have been made available by manufacturers are used to pack a variety of oils which are sometimes not even edible. However, for edible oils the oil is poured into containers such as metal containers, glass and plastic bottles. The features of an edible oil filling machine include diving nozzles that are used to dispense the oil into the containers with minimal spillage if any. The filling machines are also made of stainless steel which ensures that they do not rust as this may contaminate the oil that is being poured into various containers.

Oil Filling MachineThe filling lever which is adjustable depending on the size of the container is another feature found in edible oil filling machine. The lever is used to regulate the level at which the oil is to reach, and it is done automatically. In addition, a stopper arrangement for the bottles is also a feature found in filling machines which ensures that the containers are filled one at a time. Lastly, most of these edible oil filling machines are easy to operate after some training which is done by the company so as to ensure the filling process is always done well.