Portable Oil Screw Press

Small size screw oil press constitutes advanced but portable type of machinery that is characterized by high outputs of oil. Besides, these portable oil press machines are not only reliable but extremely rugged and able to withstand extended period of operation. They can be used to process variety of raw materials including but not limited to beans, cotton seed and peanuts. There are available, different types and sizes of oil press machinery ranging from small to large scale industrial oil processing plant.

Converting extracted oil from the seed is taken through several steps in order to achieve some products like biodiesel. Once you collect enough oil from your oil press machine, it requires the oil to be chemically processed to rid off other undesirable impurities. Usually, a catalyst is used to get rid of glycerin molecules before combining the alcohol content with fatty acids that goes to produce esters. The kind of alcohol used at this stage could be ethanol or methanol although methanol is usually the most preferred by individual mill owners. You should be cautious when using your oil extraction machine to produce esters. This is because the process involves use of flammable chemicals. Ensure you follow due procedure as indicated by your vendor instructions.