How to make a home oil press

The production of oil does not have to be done in an oil milling plant especially if the amount is minimal or the person going to use it does not want the extraction to be done using solvents or even pressure. When oil from a variety of seeds is extracted using solvents there may be some residue of the chemicals left in the oil which may be harmful to the health of those consuming it. It is for this reason that some people resort to making their own oil using a home oil press. This simple machine is used to produce oil from a variety of seeds through pressing them in ram or screw presses.
home oil pressmini home oil press machine
To be able to make homemade oil requires an oil press that can easily be constructed in the comfort of the home. The materials that are needed can be found locally from stores that auto parts and other stores as well. Some of the materials needed include metal cylinder, piston and a floor jack that weighs three tons. The bottom of the metal cylinder at the bottom is closed off using the piston, while the floor jack provides the pressure needed for the extraction of the oil from seeds.

For oil to be pressed from the ground seeds using the home oil press, they are placed in the metal cylinder which has holes drilled onto it at the bottom. The piston is then placed into the cylinder with a pipe welded onto it so that it fits into its centre with two other pipes fixed onto it for contraption and for the oil to flow through as well.  Finally, the floor jack is placed on the cylinder and then pumped using the hand so that the pressure produced pushes oil out the holes.

General features of an edible oil filling machine

Edible oil processing is mostly done at a refinery plant that eventually packs the oil that has been refined for sale. The process of edible oil production is quite extensive and begins from the preparation of seeds to the last step where the crude oil is refined. To be able to package edible oils properly, many oil milling plants have invested in an edible oil filling machine. The machine which is manufactured by a number of companies is essential in ensuring that the filling is done up to standard and there is no wastage through spillage.

edible oil filling machine The edible oil filling machines that have been made available by manufacturers are used to pack a variety of oils which are sometimes not even edible. However, for edible oils the oil is poured into containers such as metal containers, glass and plastic bottles. The features of an edible oil filling machine include diving nozzles that are used to dispense the oil into the containers with minimal spillage if any. The filling machines are also made of stainless steel which ensures that they do not rust as this may contaminate the oil that is being poured into various containers.

Oil Filling MachineThe filling lever which is adjustable depending on the size of the container is another feature found in edible oil filling machine. The lever is used to regulate the level at which the oil is to reach, and it is done automatically. In addition, a stopper arrangement for the bottles is also a feature found in filling machines which ensures that the containers are filled one at a time. Lastly, most of these edible oil filling machines are easy to operate after some training which is done by the company so as to ensure the filling process is always done well.

How Is Oil Extracted?

Crude oil is unprocessed oil that is made from decaying plants and animals in the ground and crude oil is also considered a fossil fuel. However, crude oil that is refined can be used for petroleum gas, plastic products, kerosene and lubricant oil as well as diesel. Gas prices are also determined by how much or little crude oil that is available and when you consider the importance of crude oil to society, it is wise to find out how this oil is extracted. Oil Milling Plant for Sale>>

This is the main method of extracting crude oil and in modern times people are using slant drilling to extract the crude oil. Slant drilling is considered a better way to do this because the slant drilling pumps have a curve, and this allows for moil oil to be extracted in an efficient amount of time. You can also drill for oil extraction in water but this is done through oil rigs.
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Other Types of Oil Extraction
Crude oil is not the only oil that can be extracted. Here is how oil is extracted from corn. The first thing a person does is take the corn off the cob; then he would steep the corn kernels in water for about forty minutes. Once you do this you will need to strain the kernels and press them with a oil pressing machine. After you do this you should skim the corn oil off the top of the liquid from when you pressed the corn.

All About Crude Oil Refining Today

Crude oil refining is the process by which crude oil is refined in order to be used to produce things such as petroleum gas, lubricating oil, and kerosene. Crude oil is unprocessed or raw oil that comes out of the ground, and this oil is made from decaying plants animals, which makes it a fossil oil. Crude oil has compounds such as carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen. Hydroocarbon is the main element that is in crude oil and this element has energy in it, which makes crude oil beneficial to society.Crude Oil Refining process

Refining Process
Crude oil refining involves the separation of the elements that are within the crude oil through the process of heating and distillation. At turnkey refinery project, the workers heat and vaporize the crude oil, and then they condense the oil. Once the process is complete, the impurities are removed from the oil and the oil can be used to create new products and useful things such as gasoline for our cars.

Crude Oil Refining Oil and Gas Prices
There is a connection between crude oil and the increase or decrease in gas prices you pay at the pump. Crude oil usually determines the gas prices because the gas prices depend on the prices that crude oil are being sold or bought for. If a shortage of crude oil occurs, gas prices will increase but if there is a lot of crude oil that is produced, prices will decrease. Mini oil refinery plant cost also determine gas prices.

How to begin a successful Oil processing plant through KMEC

Having an oil processing plant is very important and this is because you will have the ability to process all the oil you can in your oil plant without any failure. Oil processing plants are so advantageous in a way that many people are thinking of having their own plants. However, this people are always stuck on how they can be able to get the necessary equipment and machinery needed in an oil processing plant.

If you also have the urge and dream to begin your own oil processing plant do not know where to begin, then do not worry for KMEC is the perfect solution for you. KMEC is a company that begun in 1990 and this company deals primarily in processing, manufacturing, and exporting of oil mill plants and any oil processing equipment. Apart from that, this company will also give you edible professional oil refining and some oilseed processing services. All the services that this company provides are enough to let you begin your own oil processing plant.

If you have heard about KMEC for the first time, you might be wondering what are the services that KMEC provide and if they can benefit you. One thing you should know is that KMEC is going to provide you with a wide variety of services that will assist you begin a successful oil processing plant. One of the services they will offer you is the design proposal. KMEC has their own senior engineers and professors on their team of technical consultants. These people are going to assist you direct the whole process of your oil processing plant.
oil processing plant
Apart from doing that, they are also going to provide you as their client with your own independent file. After establishing your file, they are also going to provide you with your own special project team that will work under your conditions. After the team has been assigned to you, they are going to work very hard to design you the project proposal you desire. Each of the project proposals they will designed have been designed in a way that will meet environmental requirements, quality standards and the local conditions.

Another service that is very important and you will receive from KMEC is that they are going to offer the services of at least one of their engineers who is going to supervise your oil processing plant startup. The engineer is also going to train all your local staff to operate your plant even after he goes away. This kind of service and training for your staff is known as commission training and you will not have to pay for it.

KMEC is professional and that is why they do not consider their job done until everything in your oil plant is working properly. They will also have to make sure that your staff is able to run the plant smoothly without any difficulty. With all these said about KMEC, you as the client can only know from all these that this is the best company for your oil processing plant.

Healthy Cooking Oil

Fats are not all bad since there are some that can help in maintaining good health. It is important to note that some fats assist in lowering bad cholesterol or raising the right cholesterol. Other benefits include decreasing inflammation and they also have antioxidants are very crucial for the body. Healthy cooking oil includes unsaturated fats because they decrease the bad cholesterol in the body. The monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are healthy for cooking. Polyunsaturated fats are in the same group as omega 3 fatty acids which are very healthy. Healthy cooking oil is that which has high smoke point. Such oils do not break down once heated and have proper ingredients.

Healthy cooking oil

Healthy cooking oil

In most cases, commercial oils have been processed with chemicals and thus the blended vegetable oils may not be healthy. Cold pressed oils are healthier because they include all the natural ingredients. Polyunsaturated are not unhealthy since they have omega 6 fatty acids but we also need to consume omega 3 fatty acids often. Some healthy oils include groundnut or peanut oil, sesame, cold pressed olive oil, soya bean oil, mustard oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, safflower, palmolein and coconut oil. Avoid butter, ghee and vanaspati since they have unhealthy fats. While cooking at home avoid reusing oil since food residue results to carcinogenic.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Olive oil is the liquid removed from olive oil trees to be used for various health purposes. Cold pressed olive oil is extracted from pressing the olive fruit without the need to use any chemicals. This is high quality oil that is used because it goes through few processing procedures. The special processing techniques ensure that the subtle flavors are preserved in the final product. When using cold pressing, the oil is extracted from the initial press. The olive oil pasted is heated at room temperature so that no flavor is lost. In most cases, pressing of the olive oil fruits occurs in winter or in cooler places.

Cold pressed olive oil

Cold pressed olive oil

Cold pressed olive oil has all the nutrients intact that are very beneficial to the body. The acidity level is at 1% and this is because it is purely natural. This is the best oil to use because of its quality flavor that will work well in salads, seafood, pastry and stakes among other foods. The olive oil generates a dark green color after the processing phase. The oil is delicately pressed to produce a great aroma and the taste is superior to any other oils. Cold pressed olive oil undergoes slow processing so that no nutrients are lost in any way.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold pressed coconut oil is produced by crushing the coconut seed. There is minimal processing that is used to produce this oil. This is high quality oil with all flavors and nutrients intact. It is the raw or natural oil that is good to use at home. It has antioxidants and phytosterols thus it prevents oxidation as well as extreme free-radical generation. Coconut oil is highly recommended for use because of its many benefits. This oil can be able to stay for over two years without going bad. You do not need to refrigerate coconut oil. It is a high saturated fat but lowers cholesterol. There are people who use the oil on the skin because it has moisturizing effects for a supple skin.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

The cold pressed oil mechanically crushes the coconut seed and there is not external heat that is added. High pressure is used to press the seeds and this produces some heat but the temperatures are regulated to a minimal of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what keeps the oil natural and safe to use. The many benefits of coconut oil include preventing diabetes, heart diseases, chronic fatigue, crohn’s diseases and helping in bowel movements. Others are thyroid problems, increasing body energy and even improving the body immune system. Coconut oil is believed to help in weight lost even though it has high calories.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower seed oil is extracted by cold pressing the Helianthus annuus seeds which is called sunflower. The oil extracted is pale yellow with a nice scent and it has all the nutrients. It has a nice flavor once you taste with multipurpose uses to many people. Many people take sunflower seeds as snacks and this is very healthy. The sunflower seed oil is polyunsaturated and this is what makes it healthy oil. (Read more about Sunflower Seed Oil Press Machine)

sunflower seed oil

sunflower seed oil

The sunflower seeds have many health benefits since they are the source of magnesium, manganese, copper, tryptophan, phosphorus and even zinc which are essential minerals in the body. It is possible to also find selenium, folate, iron, potassium as well as calcium from sunflower seeds.

The sunflower seed oil is good because it has vitamin E, thiamin, vitamin B1, B5, B6, niacin, and riboflavin. The sunflower oil has high calories which give enough energy in the body. It also has protein content which is very beneficial for healthy bones. The sunflower oil should be used in its natural form since it has many health benefits. Many heart conditions are decreased, reduces cholesterol levels, prevents asthma and deals with indigestion. Research also shows that the oil is good in dealing with high blood pressure, migraines, and irritation of the bones.

Oil Press Extraction

Oil press machine was designed to allow an average person to produces their own oil from the available seeds. The oil can be pressed to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are various oils that can be extracted using this press. These can be from sunflower, rapeseed, linseed and any other oil bearing seeds. The pressed oil can be stored in IBCs which are usually simple and flexible storage means. However, large tanks are also preferred.

oil press extraction

oil press extraction

The oil produced from oil press extraction can be used as fuel in engines, as edible cooking oil, in production of biodiesel and production of environmental friendly lubricating oils. The screw oil press machine is easy to use.  The seed is first placed under an increasing pressure as it passes through a chamber that is tapered.  Due to the high compression level that is as a result of pressure produced by the high temperature, oil is cast out through a set of rigid circular band of metal. The approximate amount of ton of oil that is made from the whole process ranges from 250 to 300 liters. However, this depends on the original content of the oil, moisture content and how clean the sample was.

The end results from the oil extraction process are affected by various factors. One is the ambient temperature. The rates of oil extraction are dependant on the temperature produced in the press. Power also plays a major role in the machine.